Australia’s Brisbane Airport Pioneers In-Terminal Cryptocurrency Use

The Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) announced that it will implement a wide use of cryptocurrencies within the airport terminal area in a move meant to boost the adoption of digital currenciess within the airport area. This move has been hailed as premiering the beginning of such adoption by airports worldwide. Brisbane Airport is an important travelers hub in Southern Queensland and the airport is the first to implement cryptocurrency adoption around an airport.

The airport management has partnered with TravelBit, a cryptocurrency travel and tours firm that is a leader in the cryptocurrency adoption drive for the promotion of tourism. TravelBit will implement the crypto payment option in and around the airport. The Brisbane Airport Corporation General Manager of Strategic Planning, Roel Hellemons said the policy was being implemented because there are a lot of travellers who have invested in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies who would want the convenience, security, speed and anonymity that digital currency offers. He said that the policy is at the first stage of implementation and would cut across different aspects of the airport business.

Speaking further, Mr Hellemons said that the cryptocurrency inclusion as a payment method within the airport precinct is in consonance with the Corporation’s belief in the promotion of community projects whenever they are identified as having the prospect of promoting local business and enhancing the experience of travelers. He said that the BAC intends to make the Brisbane airport a leader in adoption of blockchain innovations by designating it a global blockchain friendly airport.

Caleb Yeoh, TravelBit CEO said that the company has been in the forefront of advocacy of the cryptocurrency for tourism campaign, saying that the Brisbane Airport adoption is a real case in favor of the company’s stance. He said that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are appropriate for use as a tool for the promotion of tourism because of absence of limitations such as high bank charges and absence of third party agents.

The implementation would enable users at and around the airport pay for services with digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others. This policy would necessitate the installation of cryptocurrency ATMs in and around the airport.

TravelBit already has a network of merchants around the Brisbane area they collaborate with in accepting cryptocurrency as payment option. It is not surprising therefore that they are collaborating in the first cryptocurrency friendly airport scheme. Services such as airport transportation, luxury hotels and restaurants are now being priced in Bitcoin.

Brisbane is the first international airport to implement cryptocurrency use. The management of the airport said that they are confident that the move would remove certain restrictions faced by international travelers and consequently boost tourism in the area.

The Brisbane project deserves a lot of commendation owing to its scale. There seems to have been an understanding among influencers in the tourism industry that digital currency adoption will lead to a boost in tourism. The Russian tourism industry is already working on ways to take advantage of this innovation, while a Japanese airline, Peach Aviation is already offering Bitcoin services to their clients.

Photo Credit: Pixabay